His, Hers and Theirs

His, Hers and Theirs signature cocktails.

His, Hers and Theirs signature cocktails.

Raise a glass to the happy couple with these three signature cocktails.

Instead of serving one signature cocktail at your wedding, why not a trio: one for the bride, one for the groom and one for the newly married couple? Brad Peters, beverage director for Paragary Restaurant Group, says these three drinks (all from the bar menu at Paragary’s Midtown Bistro) fit the bill.

Cuffs & Buttons signature cocktail
Cuffs & Buttons

Cuffs & Buttons signature cocktail at Paragary's.

FOR HIM: Cuffs & Buttons is a spirit-forward cocktail. Peters pours high-proof bourbon into a jar, adds cherries, citrus peels, vanilla, cinnamon and clove, and lets the mixture sit for two days. Then he strains the mixture, sweetens it with honey and serves it over ice, garnished with brandied cherries and an orange peel. (For a jaunty presentation, he fills a rocks glass with 3 ounces of water, tilts the glass and places it in the freezer to end up with an off-kilter ice cube.)

Diamonds 75 Signature Cocktail
Diamonds 75

FOR HER: Diamonds 75 is a take on the classic French 75. Peters starts with gin infused with seasonal fruit (apples in winter, strawberries in spring) and mixes it with simple syrup made with brewed hibiscus or jasmine tea. He tops it all off with sparkling wine and garnishes with sliced fruit. “It’s light and refreshing,” he says. “Just as diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so are bubbles.”

Brownstone Julep
Brownstone Julep

FOR THEM: Brownstone Julep puts a twist on the traditional mint julep. Peters combines bourbon with simple syrup made with brown sugar baked apricots and pours the mixture over crushed ice. Served in a silver julep cup, the drink is topped with a big handful of fresh mint.

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