Kiss and Makeup

Smoky eye. Defined brow. False lashes. Winged liner. Highlight. Contour. Outer V. Inner corner. T-zone. If all of these terms sound like some sort of secret language, chances are good that doing your own wedding makeup is out of the question.

Makeup artistry is, like many art forms, a practice that looks easy to the untrained eye, only to prove frustratingly difficult when the time comes to make that practice perfect. Consider the added pressure of “the most photographed day of your life”—though, if you’re like most of us, we take more pictures on an average beach vacation with our smart phones than were ever snapped on our “Big Day”—and your mascara may already be running.

However you feel about makeup, it’s certainly something to carefully consider when you’re donning that iconic white dress. That blue eye shadow may look amazing in the pan, but if your future children might ask you if you got married in the 1980s, best not make that your “something blue.” Same goes for theme makeup—sure, 1940s pinup sounds like a great idea for a wedding theme (and I’ve certainly seen some stunning examples of this), but remember that on the day you say “I do,” you’ll want to be doing it as yourself, not as a costumed character.

Being somewhat of a makeup enthusiast, I considered doing my own makeup for my wedding—I’d already planned everything else myself, why not slap on some eyeliner and foundation and call it a day? But the more I thought about the experience I wanted on the day itself, the more I seemed destined for a makeup meltdown.

Enter Farishta “Angel” Afzili, the multi-talented woman who’s been cutting my hair for the better part of four years. I knew I trusted her with my tresses and had already booked her to whip up a hairdo for my wedding day, but when my repeated attempts to make an appointment with a MAC makeup artist not only went unheeded but downright ignored, Angel casually mentioned that she also did makeup. Fast-forward to Sept. 10, 2011, and the makeup look she created made me feel like a beautiful, confident woman—the best version of me I could be.

To find out more about Angel and her magical makeup skills, find her on Facebook or call (916) 912-9054 to meet face-to-face. Angel has a station at Maverique Style House in midtown (2000 I St.) and even does site-specific, day-of appointments—in my case, that was a house call!

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