Put Your Best Face Forward

Makeup has a big job on your wedding day. Not only will it weather long hours, tears and countless cheek kisses, but it has to look good in pictures all night! Our Wedding spoke to Ingrid Burton, a freelance makeup artist based in the Sacramento area, for tips on how to chose your wedding day artist.

1. Start looking early.

2. Book a trial run, and put that makeup to use! Plan your trial for the day of your bridal shower or bachelorette party.

3. Check the reviews and photos of the makeup artist’s work. Have previous clients had good/bad experiences? Don’t base your opinion off one review, but really do your research.

4. Be prepared to pay a deposit AND sign a contract. A reputable artist has a contract/agreement that protects both the client and the artist.

5. If you bring in photos of a celeb you want to look like, remember that an artist will work with your facial structure and shape to bring out your best features. What looks great on someone else may not work for you.

Although your makeup artist will likely already have these tools in her kit, Burton suggests preparing an emergency kit to ensure a flawless face all night, and including these items:

blotting sheets
eyelash glue
powder compact

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