Late-Night Snacks

Recently I was enjoying myself on the dance floor, celebrating the wedding of one of my best friends, when the whiff of fried chicken filled my nose. I followed the smell to reveal a full spread of tasty goodies—fried chicken, pulled-pork sliders, s’mores and oreos and milk—at 10 p.m.  The late-night snack has found its way into weddings.

Lisa Peters, partner and president at Randy Peters Catering & Events, suggests the following for crowd-pleasing nibbles:

• Late-night breakfast snacks such as Petite Birdie in a Basket (hash brown cupcakes with brie, Italian sausage, Quail eggs with basil pesto), sweet potato cakes with smoked trout and herb creme fraiche or caramel pecan cinnamon rolls.

• Comfort foods are always popular. Try sliders, mac and cheese, mini grilled cheese bites, waffles and, of course, fried chicken! Or get creative with a cereal bar, create-your-own s’mores or popcorn balls.

Peters suggests estimating one to two bites of each item per guest, but bear in mind, by the time you serve this pick-me up, some of your guests may have left.

Not a late-enough night? Keep the party going with blood orange screwdrivers with hazelnut ice cubes or hot shots, such as Jameson Irish Whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream with a splash of coffee, suggests Peters.

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