Sweet is in Favor

After your “I do’s,” the tears from a heartfelt toast, and a first dance, a favor is the final takeaway from your wedding day. But too often bottles of bubbles or baubles end up at the bottom of a junk drawer, to be discovered during annual spring cleaning. Don’t let your favor suffer the same fate.

Sacramento’s Capital Confections has been crafting custom, edible gifts for nearly 20 years. We’d be surprised if more than a few favors don’t “go missing” after guests discover their individually wrapped homemade truffles in flavors such as Cafe Au Lait, Red Hot Chili and Blackberry Brandy.

Baseball fans? Gift a chocolate-shaped bat. Did you and your sweetie meet on Match.com? Mini-computers remind guests of your cyber connection.

“Our motto has always been, ‘Don’t ask what we have, tell us what you want,’” says owner Teresa Higgins.

Beside truffles and chocolate molds, chocolate-covered Jordan almonds provide a tasty twist on a classic thank you.

And favors aren’t Capital Confections’ only delicious creations. For an impressive, and edible, cake topper, order a chocolate bride and groom. Or treat friends to cups of spicy Ibarra gelato. Decadent, plump chocolate-covered strawberries are pretty good, too. . . . Cake, what cake?

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