A Guide to Navigating Bridal Fairs

Wedding season is budding . . . and with that comes bridal fairs! Shows can be a great resource for planning your big day, but for some the thought of entering into an endless sea of vendors competing for attention can seem overwhelming. With so many vendors competing for your attention, it’s best to make a plan when approaching a fair.

“Do your research beforehand as a bride so you know what questions to ask,” says local bride Heather Finn of Folsom. “At the end of the day it’s a personality fit. A good question could always be, what makes you more unique than the other vendor?”

To ensure all vendors are local, look for fairs in the same geographical region as your wedding. Consider the target audience for the show, often deduced from the show sponsors. Another consideration is the size of the venue—large expo halls offer more vendors but can be overwhelming, boutique shows may have less selection, but more targeted attention.

On game day, bring a friend, bridesmaid or your groom, grab your walking shoes and pack a tote or two for all your free goodies.

“Print labels with your name, address and phone number for easy entries into giveaways or to sign up for more information on wedding professionals you are interested in,” adds Christina Petanovich of  Obsessed Events.

Then step back, take a deep breath and get ready for some fun!

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