At Least These Bridesmaids Won’t Get Drunk

children wedding parties

A current wedding trend for wedding parties is to have all children.

Bay Area wedding planner Laurie Arons recently predicted that American couples would be inspired by the May wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to embrace the British tradition of all-children wedding parties. “Charming flower girls and ring bearers make adorable attendants,” she told Brides magazine.

Could her prediction really come true? We asked two Sacramento-based event planners what they thought of the idea.

“I just don’t see it,” says Lora Ward, owner of A day To remember event planning company. “A lot of couples are getting rid of the bridal party, but they’re not substituting it with children.”

Planner Jenn Robirds, on the other hand, is working with a couple who plan to have five little girls and three little boys in their wedding party. The girls will wear white dresses; the boys will be dressed in knickers, suspenders and bow ties. “I think it’s sweet,” says Robirds.

Guests love to see little tykes dressed in wedding finery toddling down the aisle. But both Ward and Robirds caution that kids are notoriously unpredictable, apt to burst into tears or refuse to perform on cue. And the bride has to be willing to share the spotlight with her pint-sized co-stars. (Remember what W.C. Fields once said about never working with animals or children.)

For brides interested in a juvenile wedding party, Ward has these words of wisdom: “They have to be the right age. Too young and it’s disaster. Too old and they’re not so cute.” So what is the right age? “I’ve seen some very talented 3- and 4-year-olds,” she says, “but probably 5 or 6 is that perfect age when they’re just adorable.”

by Marybeth Bizjak

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