Bridesmaid of Honor

One of my best friends just got engaged. We all saw it coming—she had made it very clear to her intended how she would like to be proposed to, what the ring should look like, even when not to propose (gotta love a girl who knows and speaks her mind)—and when the fateful event finally happened, I got an ecstatic text message and an immediate picture of said ring.

Fast-forward a few weeks and I saw a Facebook photo of one of my other best friends (Friends A and B and I have known each other since kindergarten) that was a snapshot of what looked like an invitation, but instead of requesting her presence at an event, it was inviting her to be Friend A’s maid of honor. I saw that coming, too, and immediately “liked” the post (yes, this is what communication has become in our generation, even among such close friends).

Fast-forward another couple of weeks and I received my very own invitation just like the one on Facebook, only mine was asking me to be a bridesmaid. I was touched, honored and thrilled—even more so when I discovered that we would be allowed to pick our own dresses. I then received a message from the bride-to-be that said she really, really hoped I hadn’t been offended or felt left out that she’d asked Friend B to be her MOH. I couldn’t have been further from offended, and told her so ASAP (as long as we’re getting acronym-happy over here . . . ).

What this exchange showed me is this: No matter how technologically advanced or distant our generation has become, no matter how literally distant our separate lives are for the time being (I’m in Paris, Friends A and B are in Sacramento), no matter how traditional or non-traditional one’s wedding tastes and values may be, the importance of friendship trumps all. So you better believe I’ll be donning the J. Crew dress of my choosing (check out some beautiful options here) with pride and being the best bridesmaid I can be.

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