The Dating Game

It’s a tired old joke that husbands never remember their anniversaries—though, to be fair, my husband is the one in our family who remembers everything (everything)—so some spouses are deciding to make it easier on them by selecting wedding dates that are all but impossible to forget: 10/11/12, 11/12/13 . . . you get the idea.

I myself got married on one such date (9/10/11), but it had less to do with the ease of remembering—as I said before, my husband has a frighteningly crisp memory—and more to do with its proximity to our dating anniversary. (We had our first date on Sept. 11, 2011. You can probably guess why I didn’t want to replicate the date for our actual wedding.) Plus, the consecutive numbers looked cute on the invitations.

I was apparently not alone in my desire to make our wedding date aesthetically pleasing—in a recent survey conducted by David’s Bridal, 43 percent of brides who were asked if they considered planning their wedding around a special date said yes, and 27 percent of those brides are getting married on an iconic date. Some cited that they feel consecutive dates bring luck to marriages (and some are just trying to go easy on their forgetful spouses), so it’s no surprise that Dec. 13 of this year is going to be an incredibly busy day for weddings.

12/13/14 is the last consecutive date of the century (unless we decide to add a 13th month all of a sudden) and it also happens to fall on a Saturday—cue the bridal march!

So what does that mean for budding brides and grooms in the process of planning their nuptials? Plan early. Like, now. No—like, yesterday. Venues book fast, as do DJs, and who wants to be doing a mad dash around town for a location lovely enough to host such a momentous event?

Of course, you could go the booking-free way and get married in someone’s backyard (as my husband and I did), but you might want to tell them about it before you show up on Dec. 13 with your bridal party in tow.

At least they’d always remember the date. . . .

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