Everybody Dance Now

For some it may be the moment they are looking forward to most, for others, the one they would like to avoid. . . . The first dance may strike fear in some hearts, but we are here to help! With the advice of local experts, we are there every (two-) step of the way!

First, the music.

A Google search can shed light on some good first dance songs. For a more unique choice, Pat Hugunin of Huge Entertainment suggests, pick a song by your favorite artist.

“You will be surprised that even the hardest rock band may have that great ballad that fits your needs,” he says.

Still stumped? Some classic choices:

Etta James, “At Last”
Bryan Adams, “Heaven”
Mark Wills, “I Do (Cherish You)”
Nat King Cole, “Unforgettable”
Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World”

And some unique choices:

Safety Suit, “Never Stop” (Wedding Version)
Brian McKnight, “Crazy Love”
Brandon Heath, “Love Never Fails”
Maroon 5, “The Way You Look Tonight”

The Dance

If you have two left feet, dance lessons may ease some anxiety. Both group and private lessons have their advantages, says Jamula Buada of Arthur Murrray Carmichael. Group lessons are fun and lively, while private lessons allow for more intensive training, and for newbies, can provide more tailored advice.

“There simply isn’t enough time to teach a class and meet everyone’s individual movement needs,” says Buada. “I can always tell if someone only takes group class or if they also take private lessons, and you would too.”

Instructors base their choreography on the look (or YouTube video) you desire, so it’s a good idea to put some thought into your first dance in advance of lessons. Allow for as much as three months of training in advance of your wedding—you can never be too prepared!

“The gift of dance is the one thing you can take into your marriage that you can use over and over again that will last forever,” Buada says.

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