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leather tote gift

Muralist Jake Castro has a side gig making leather goods using top-grain Argentine cowhides. His roomy totes, which he makes by hand in his midtown studio, are super soft and luxurious. He’ll engrave your girls’ initials inside if you like.

Looking for an interesting, thoughtful gift for your wedding attendants? Consider a product made by a local creative. Here are our choices for great gifts for the guys and gals in your wedding party.


bottle opener

Newcastle artisan Lee Hinge crafts these nifty little bottle openers from exotic reclaimed woods such as purpleheart, wenge, zebrawood and jatoba, and he can engrave each one with the groomsman’s initials.

Handheld bottle¬†opener, Shorebreak¬†Designs¬†($20)‚ÄĒNewcastle¬†artisan Lee Hinge crafts¬†these nifty little bottle¬†openers from exotic¬†reclaimed woods such¬†as purpleheart, wenge,¬†zebrawood and jatoba,¬†and he can engrave¬†each one with the¬†groomsman‚Äôs initials.¬†If your budget is a¬†little more generous,¬†consider a personalized¬†pizza peel ($100) or¬†butcher block cutting¬†board ($275).


Benjamin Schwartz can make a pair of custom shoes for each of your groomsmen in one of five styles: classic loafer, runner, chukka boot, high-top boot or double monk strap.

Handmade shoes,¬†Benjamins Shoes¬†($250‚Äď$375)‚ÄĒBenjamin¬†Schwartz can¬†make a pair of custom¬†shoes for each of your¬†groomsmen in one¬†of five styles: classic¬†loafer, runner, chukka¬†boot, high-top boot¬†or double monk strap.¬†Uppers are made from¬†your choice of leather¬†or luxury fabric from¬†Loro Piana or England‚Äôs¬†Fox Brothers. Shoes¬†take four months from¬†order to delivery,¬†so plan accordingly.¬†

pocket square

This hip haberdasher sells silk pocket squares with a distinctly Sacramento design: a jaunty illustration of iconic local buildings such as Tower Bridge, the Ziggurat, Golden 1 Center and the State Capitol.

#SacramentoProud¬†pocket square,¬†R. Douglas Custom¬†Clothier ($50)‚ÄĒThis¬†hip haberdasher sells¬†silk pocket squares¬†with a distinctly¬†Sacramento design: a¬†jaunty illustration of¬†iconic local buildings¬†such as Tower Bridge,¬†the Ziggurat, Golden¬†1 Center and the State¬†Capitol. The squares¬†come in two colorways:¬†a subtle black and gray,¬†and a bolder full color.¬†R. Douglas also carries¬†an artist series of pocket¬†squares, based on paintings¬†by local talents¬†Tim Collom and David¬†Garibaldi.


concrete planter

If you’d like to give your bridesmaids a living gift, consider these countertop concrete containers planted with either a bromeliad, succulent or orchid. Artisan Joe Triglia crafts each one himself, adding organic materials such as peat moss and sand to the concrete mixture.

Live plant in¬†concrete planter,¬†Tufarock Design¬†($15‚Äď$100)‚ÄĒIf you‚Äôd¬†like to give your bridesmaids¬†a living gift,¬†consider these countertop¬†concrete containers¬†planted with either a¬†bromeliad, succulent¬†or orchid. Artisan Joe¬†Triglia crafts each one¬†himself, adding organic¬†materials such as peat¬†moss and sand to the¬†concrete mixture.¬†He can also give the¬†container a custom¬†finish in a metallic or¬†your wedding colors.¬†

Leather tote, Jake¬†Castro ($180)‚ÄĒMuralist¬†Jake Castro has a¬†side gig making leather¬†goods using top-grain¬†Argentine cowhides.¬†His roomy totes, which¬†he makes by hand in¬†his midtown studio,¬†are super soft and¬†luxurious. He‚Äôll engrave¬†your girls‚Äô initials¬†inside if you like. The article feature image is Jake Castro‚Äôs leather tote.¬†


Jewelry is a great two-in-one gift: something a bridesmaid can wear at the wedding and keep on wearing long into the future. Choose a pair of earrings from Tula in Bloom designer Omonivie Okhade.

Earrings, Tula in¬†Bloom ($50‚Äď$65)‚ÄĒ¬†Jewelry is a great two-in-one gift: something¬†a bridesmaid can wear¬†at the wedding and¬†keep on wearing long¬†into the future. Choose¬†a pair of earrings¬†from Tula in Bloom¬†designer Omonivie¬†Okhade. Her Strata¬†collection features an¬†elegant open-teardrop¬†design as studs or drop¬†earrings. They come in¬†your choice of brass or¬†sterling silver. (Or, for a¬†bit more money, have¬†them custom made in¬†gold.)

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