Insure Your Wedding

OK, it’s not the most romantic thing to think about when planning your wedding, but a growing trend these days is the purchase of wedding insurance.

Three main insurers to check out, according to a recent article in the business section of The Sacramento Bee are Fireman’s Fund, Travelers and Markel.

Think about it: What if something happens before the big day such as an injury, serious illness or even death of a key player? What if one of your vendors doesn’t show up? What if a hurricane hits on your wedding day? For most policies, you’re looking at a few hundred extra dollars to buy peace of mind. With that in mind, wedding insurance might be worth the investment.

Different insurers are going to cover different things and, of course, there will be a basic policy and plenty of add-ons—in addition to limitations and exclusions—so check to see which is best for you.

Do any of the policies cover the event in the case of someone getting cold feet? Yup. Fireman’s Fund.

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