Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Couture

She’s your other best friend. The one who tied your shoes, took you to ballet, shared laughs and tears. From first crush to last first kiss, she’s been there at every turn. On your wedding day mom should shine like the star that she is. We reached out to local experts for tips on how to ensure she is the (second) most well-dressed woman in the room.

1. Consult. Set up a pow-wow to discuss, style, tone and color. Or if you are open to anything she would choose, let mom know!

2. Color your world. Generally white, black and flashy colors should be avoided, though this is based on your personal preference. And contrary to tradition, these days mom does not need to match the bridesmaids. “Mothers should not match the bridesmaids but compliment them. For example, if your bridesmaids are in lavender, the mother of the bride may choose a medium toned purple and then the mother of the groom a darker purple,” says Christine Hackworth, owner of The Bridal Box.

3. Reach out to the mother of the groom. Traditionally the mother of the bride purchases her dress first to ensure no out-dressing, clashing colors, or twinsies with mother of the groom. “A beautiful tradition is the courtesy afforded the mother of the bride by the mother of the groom. Even if it is only to be polite, every mother of the bride will appreciate being asked if they have decided what they are wearing yet,” says Carole Kenney, owner of Carole Kenney Design. Another option is for you to subtly inform your future mother-in-law of your mom’s selection.

4. It’s all about timing. Like the bride, mom should order their gown at least four to six months before the wedding to allow enough time for alterations.

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