Oh No, You Didn’t!

There are so many must do’s for weddings it can be overwhelming. Let’s make it easier—start with what not to do, and work backward. We asked local experts for some help sorting out wedding-world taboos.

“Don’t forget about weather! Don’t make your guests sit in the blaring sun, freezing cold, etc.”

“Don’t ply your guests with alcohol without feeding them a substantial meal. The liability is in your hands as well.”

—Kate Whelan,owner and lead consultant, Kate Whelan Events

“Gift registry information goes onto your wedding website (or via word of mouth); it does not go inside the wedding invitation. Regardless of whether a department store gives you cute little pieces of paper to slip into your invitations, it is socially incorrect to ask people to attend your nuptials and ask them to bring you a gift.”

“When sending save-the-dates (six months prior) be sure that all these same people also receive a wedding invitation. You cannot decide to not invite somebody to the wedding once they have received a save-the-date.”

—Lora Ward, owner, A Day to Remember Wedding & Event Planners

“Don’t lie about the ceremony time on your wedding invitation because your family and friends tend to run really late. If you write down 5 p.m. on your invitation, start at 5 p.m. and not 6 p.m.”

“Guests taking photos can sometimes get in the way of the professional photographers that the couple spent a lot of money to hire. This is why some couples decide to have an unplugged wedding.”

—Kelly Hardin, owner, Artistic Weddings

And a couple of taboos to ignore:

It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding

“It is so sweet and romantic to arrange a private “first look” with just you and your fiance before the ceremony. Plus it helps calm all your jitters and nerves and you can take most of your formal photos before the wedding allowing you to enjoy most of cocktails with your guests.”

The bride must wear white

“It’s your day, you can wear whatever color makes you happy! However, if the bride chooses to wear white or ivory then your guests should not wear a predominantly white outfit.”

—Stephanie Martin, founder, One Fine Day Events

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