Precious Gems

If Beyoncé is to be believed, we’re all just waiting for someone to “put a ring on it.” While that may be true for some single ladies, lots of us just want to find someone who thinks our quirks are cute enough to agree to cohabitate for an indefinite period of time. I was never one of those girls who pined over photos of diamond engagement rings in magazines or shop windows, and I figured that when the time came, I would hopefully be handed a ring that I wanted to wear on my finger all day, every day for the rest of my life.

To be honest, the concept of being presented with a ring that someone—albeit someone who hopefully knows me inside and out—selected without my input always seemed somewhat daunting. Yes, I could have done what some women have admitted to doing and leaving large, unsubtle clues for my intended, like an ad ripped from a magazine or a well-timed conversation in front of a jewelry store window. But the control freak and accessories lover in me always balked at the idea of accepting a mysterious gem, especially during such a momentous and emotional moment.

Lucky for me, I found someone who understands—and loves—both aspects of my personality and knew better than to get a ring without my knowledge. In fact, my husband, Joshua, knows me so well that when he asked me to marry him in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris, he presented me with no jewelry whatsoever. Instead, he gave me a piece of paper folded up inside a random plastic box he’d found in our apartment. The piece of paper was the title page to a musical he’d written for me that was both a love letter to Paris and a character vehicle for me, containing three female roles that I could age into and through during the next several decades of my career as an actress. Talk about knowing someone inside and out. (And yes, I wept.)

Because Joshua also knows how much I like shiny objects, we went ring shopping together the very next day so I’d have something to show off—very unsubtly, might I add—to my dad when he came to visit the next week. As expected, I look at the beautiful ring we picked out (a very simple bezel-set diamond from Tiffany & Co.) all day, every day and it never fails to remind me that I’m lucky enough not only to be married to someone who’s so creative and thoughtful, but also that I found someone who thinks my quirks are cute enough to agree to cohabitate for an indefinite period of time.

I guess Beyoncé was right.

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