On Rehearsal Dinners

You rehearse a play, a speech, and he definitely rehearsed the proposal . . . so of course you rehearse your wedding. But what comes after the mock-vows? And does tradition still hold strong? We talked all things rehearsal dinner with Aubrey White, owner of Alluring Events and Design.

Our Wedding: Is it still traditional for the groom’s parent’s to host the rehearsal dinner?
Aubrey White: Yes. Especially if the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding. If both families are paying for the wedding then the rehearsal should be split as well.

OW: Who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner? Should it be open to all guests of the wedding?
AW: Nope. It should be just the bridal party and their dates and any family who is walking in the processional.

OW: Who, if anyone, should make a rehearsal dinner speech?
AW: The person who is hosting it and the bride and groom if they would like.

OW: What should the hosts look for in a location?
AW: Somewhere convenient for the guests who are coming from out of town. Something that is close to the hotel and restaurant.

OW: Should the rehearsal dinner immediately follow the rehearsal?
AW: Yes. It is important to have it wrap up quickly so the bride and groom can get some rest and relax while visiting with the guests.

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