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There are trends, of course, and then there are trend-setters. For those mavens out there, what’s on the horizon? How can your wedding be just a little unexpected?


Morning weddings were once the norm—Jacqueline Bouvier wed John F. Kennedy at 11 a.m. on September 12, 1953, for instance. But they make sense today too. The lighting is beautiful, especially if you’re married outdoors. You can also serve lunch, cut the cake, have a champagne toast and dance to a live band, but still be on a plane bound for Acapulco before the sun sets on your wedding day (all of which Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy did). Some other fun ideas (not from 1953): a food truck serving donuts or waffles, a coffee bar, Cheerios to throw at the bride and groom as they dash for the airport.


“Period” weddings can be extremely stylish: think Modern Mid-Century “Madmen,” the Kennedys again) or Modern Industrial (lofts, exposed duct work, warehouses). You can also go subtle with details: bridesmaid dresses that are vaguely flapper at the 1920s Elks Tower building, for example. Or you can go full-bore: “We did a wedding in a dilapidated auto repair shop from the ’30s, out at the coast, and everything—the lighting, the clothes—was circa 1935,” says Mark Fahey, head designer at Becky’s Flowers. “It was honestly one of the best-looking weddings I’ve ever seen.”


The average wedding produces 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 500 pounds of garbage. Can an eco-friendly couple have a beautiful wedding, but improve these numbers? You bet. Tips include: recycled paper for invitations and place cards; vintage gowns or gowns made from sustainable materials; organic flowers that can be used at the ceremony and reused at the reception; make-up artists and hair dressers toting non-toxic products; digital photography; local, seasonal food and beverages; borrowed family items as centerpieces; holding the ceremony and reception at the same venue (cutting down on guests’ travel).

Featured Image: Robyn and Daniel Castigliones
Wedding at The Grand Island Mansion
Theme was Great Gatsby

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