Summer In Bloom

April showers bring May . . . and June, July and August flowers.

Summer is high season for weddings and if you think spring marks the end of blooms, think again! Two local florists remind us why Summer flowers are as hot as the weather.

What’s in Bloom:




English Lavender

Garden Roses

Green Mist



Scented Geranium

Passion vine


The How:

Summertime flowers are so wonderful when the color palette is bright and vibrant,” says Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas of Flourish Designs.  “Choosing two, three or even four bright colors to include in your wedding flowers will ensure that the arrangements stand out and really bring the feel of the summer season into your wedding.” Her current favorite palette is bright yellow, orange and lime green.

“Sunflower are always a hit, very available and great for the heat,” says Michele Porter of G. Rossi Florist.

To Note:

“To keep your bridal bouquet perky and happy all day, have your floral designer make your bouquet in a bouquet holder,” says Cosgrove-Rivas. “The foam in the holder allows the flowers to drink water throughout the day.”

Garden Roses

“Choosing hardy flowers in the summer is important,” says Porter. “Stay away from Hydrangea, Veronica, Tulips and other flowers prone to wilting.”

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