Weighty Matters

“Oh, I can’t eat that—I’m getting married.”

“No dessert for me! Gotta fit into that wedding dress.”

“I don’t want to look fat in the pictures that will last forever!”

If you’ve gotten married, did you ever utter one of these phrases? I know I did. When I got engaged, losing weight was the last thing on my mind (that’s what walking eight hours a day across a large city will get you), but as the big day approached, I started realizing that I should really go back to dance class.

Last time I checked, your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest of your life (though I loathe the idea that a single day requires so much pressure, I also fully believe that getting married should be fun, not as stressful as it often is). But ask most any bride and she’ll tell you that she’s dieting/watching her weight/freaking out about how she’s going to fit into a dress months—or even years—before she walks down the aisle. In such a body-obsessed culture, is it any wonder?

Some people, however, are tired of the freak-outs and late night guilty cookie consumption. For Rebecca Marie Sigl, a native Sacramentan living and working in Los Angeles (her mom teaches acting at St. Francis High School), she’s determined to celebrate love on her wedding day, not the size of her waist. She writes on her blog, Running To Tahiti (click to see the full post here), “I don’t want my wedding day to be about how I look. I want it to be about how I feel. And how [fiancé] Brad feels. And right now, I’m in love.”

Couldn’t we all extend a little more of that love to ourselves and our beautiful bodies? If Sigl—and hopefully lots of like-minded brides—can do it, why can’t we?

Besides, that wedding cake ain’t gonna eat itself.

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