Well Wishes

What do you give the bride and groom who have everything? Perhaps you’ve already studied the registry and begrudgingly selected the hand towels or KitchenAid mixer or coat rack that the happy couple has indicated would complete their new love nest (assuming, of course, they’re not combining two pre-existing households of stuff, as so many modern newlyweds are). But what about that extra-special something they’ll cherish long after the towels have faded or the mixing bowl’s broken or the coat rack has become a catch-all for more than just outerwear? What do you get them to show that you really care?

To pull from my own experience, nothing says “good luck and we love you” quite like a personalized gift from the entire group of wedding attendees. Case in point: on my wedding day, my mother-in-law orchestrated a beautiful project that hangs on our wall to this day. She blew up a photo of my husband and me in front of our favorite fountain in Paris, matted it in white, and provided thin Sharpies to all of the wedding guests so they could sign the matte and leave us words of wisdom, love and encouragement. Now framed and hung in our entryway, the piece is a constant reminder of the wonderful wishes of the special group of people who came together to witness our marriage.

Now, you don’t have to copy this idea exactly (though I’m sure my mother-in-law would be nothing but flattered), but if you’re in the market for a stellar framing job for your gift-from-the-heart, check out Archival Framing in East Sacramento (find them at archivalframe.com) or, for even more crafty ideas, check out michaels.com to see just how many things you can personalize. And the next time you’re stuck for something to buy or give, remember that it really is the thought that counts—especially if it’s scrawled somewhere in Sharpie.

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