Woman’s Best Friend

He lights up when you enter a room, sleeps pressed close against you and worships the ground you walk on. No, we are not talking about your fiance. We’re referring to your dog, of course! Many brides can’t imagine their big day without their other best friend—of the canine variety—in tow.

“We have had clients use their dogs as their flower girl or ring bearer. Typically, these clients do not yet have kids and their pets are considered family to them. It makes sense that they’d want to involve them,” says Kate Miller, owner of Kate Miller Events. 1453309_10102888802238976_372260743_n

“Reid and I included Bear in our wedding because she’s a part of our family and it wouldn’t have been the same without her,” Jaclyn Tileston says of including her dog. “Having Bear walk down the aisle made our wedding day feel complete because she’s our furry child.”

But before setting your heart on an appearance from Fido, here are a few considerations courtesy of Miller:

1. Make sure your venue allows dogs.

2. Have a designated family member or friend who is not a part of the wedding party be in charge of handling the dog. This means that they’re present to babysit her prior to the wedding and secure or crate her after the wedding.

3. If you intend on having the dog as your ring bearer, it is best to have your best man hold the rings and use faux rings on the dogs’ pillow. Never know when your dog may find a cat you chase!

4. Do not plan on having your dog run free during the reception. No matter how close an eye we have on your dog, we’ve had some jump on tables and eat leftovers while guests were dancing.

5. Practice walking down the aisle with her. If she is fearful in front of a crowd, takes much coaxing and doesn’t perform the task easily, perhaps rethink having her perform the task. It should be a pleasant experience for you AND your dog!

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