Love Stories

Christine and Ameen Akel

Christine & Ameen

The proposal didn’t go as expected, but the wedding day went off without a glitch. CHURCH, PARTY, DRINKS—Christine and Ameen first met at...
First Kiss

Amber and Samuel

They knew each other way back when, but it wasn’t till later that love bloomed. Photography by Martin Lingnau, Mermaid Pictures NOT HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS—He was...
Mt. Everest Wedding

Shooting For Heaven

In March 2017, Northern California native Charleton Churchill, 42, became the first wedding photographer to shoot a wedding ceremony above Mount Everest’s Base Camp....
Leilani and Brian

Leilani & Brian

Two artists met online, got engaged at a lantern festival in Thailand and created a vibrant wedding fit for the big screen. Photography by...


On the evening of Aug. 5, 2015, Jennifer Aniston married longtime beau Justin Theroux in front of 70 surprised guests at what was supposed...
Wedding Rings

Darcy and Jasper

This couple married on the date they met, nine years later, so their anniversary has remained the same. Photography by Darcy Padilla and Sasha...
Sonia and Jorge

Sonia & Jorge

They met at a wedding. Five years later, they were exchanging vows at their own.Photography by Ammala Rattana FIVE YEARS AGO—At a late summer wedding,...
The Bridal Party

Annalesa & Nick

This romantic couple had a fairytale wedding in the Santa Cruz Mountain woods. Photography by Charleton Churchill ROWBOAT ROMANCE—Nicholas proposed to Annalesa in San Francisco,...
Julie and Anthony Pennella Wedding

Julie & Anthony

This matchup worked out and resulted in a rustic chic wedding in the country. PHOTOGRAPHY BY LIZ ZIMBELMAN SURPRISE GUESTS—Anthony popped the question by...

René and Jordan

From a first date at Paesanos to their wedding a few blocks away, this couple has been inseparable for the past six years. PHOTOGRAPHY...