Editor’s Note Winter/Spring 2020

editor's note

One of the most enjoyable parts of publishing a wedding magazine involves learning the stories of how local couples met and got engaged, and how their wedding days turned out. In every issue, some themes rise up, whether they relate to colors and décor, or attitudes about this whole exciting journey. In this issue, I got a kick out of all the reality and authenticity. One couple met online after the bride had been “drinking and swiping.” Several of the brides, on the day their grooms were gearing up to pop the question, sensed the anxiety and knew “something was up.” These guys, it turned out, weren’t as cool and collected as perhaps they intended. One couple, on their wedding day, saw a couple of things go wrong—and reported it to us: The groom split his pants on the dance floor and the shuttle got stuck passing through the gate of the venue. Several couples mentioned keeping it chill and low stress, or just wanting to have fun. The couple that led a brass band parade through Capitol Park definitely knew how to have fun! One of the couples chose a wedding theme that fit them perfectly and is about as authentic and simple as it gets: Better together.

Enjoy your planning—and your happily ever after.

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