Dealing with the Drama: How To Handle Rowdy Guests

It’s your big day; one you’ve imagined, maybe forever, as the perfect way to celebrate true love. But an unruly guest or two could quickly tarnish the day’s sheen. “Our Wedding” contacted several local wedding planners to get their advice on how to handle this less-glamorous aspect of receptions.

“I recommend identifying any concerns with your wedding planner, a trusted groomsman or uncle, etc. before the wedding so that they can be on the lookout for signs that trouble might be brewing. It’s also a great idea to have that designated person get in touch with the bartenders at the beginning of the event, identifying themselves as the person to talk to if a situation arises. This keeps the bride and groom from having to deal with any stress on the day of—and since any situations that occur are usually alcohol induced, the bartender might be the first to notice.”—Aimee Wendell, 2Chic Events & Design

“Don’t serve alcohol for the entire event or offer only a few signature cocktails. A couple less hours of alcohol or only just a few creative signature cocktails won’t ruin the event and may make it more enjoyable if no one gets out-of-control.”—Kelly Hardin, Artistic Wedding & Event Planning

“As a planner, I will ask for the authority to be a ‘tough guy’ and ask the unruly person to leave the event if they are disturbing to other guests. However, first I might try to separate the unruly guest from the immediate company he/she is keeping—trying to keep the peace between fighting individuals.—Lora Ward, A Day to Remember

“My advice for couples is to have a zero-tolerance policy. The spotlight should be on the couple on their wedding day and a drunk or unruly guest can quickly steal the show and suck all of the positive energy out of a room.”—Stephanie Teague, Stephanie Teague Events

“Limit your bar to wine and beer only—or simply serve a signature beverage during your cocktail hour only. Hard alcohol makes it much easier for guests to get drunk faster. Never offer shots!”—Kate Miller, Kate Miller Events

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