A Gourmet Gift Idea: ‘The Newlywed Kitchen’

Once the Big Day has come and gone, get ready to tackle a new frontier—and what could be sweeter than doing so à deux? That’s what onetime chef and Seattle food writer Lorna Yee found when she and her husband-to-be started courting. (In fact, the two met at an online culinary site.) First came the blog: The Cookbook Chronicles (which is still worth bookmarking). Then the book: The Newlywed Kitchen: Delicious Meals for Couples Cooking Together (Sasquatch Books). The recipes cover the globe, from Taiwanese beef noodle soup to chorizo and chicken empanadas. And Yee clearly has a sweet tooth: Nutella doughnuts, triple chocolate fudge brownies. The chapter titles are clever, too. My favorite, for comfort foods: “Who Gets the Remote?”

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