Rules Of Engagement

In conducting interviews for a piece on entertaining engagement stories for the print edition of Sac Mag, I’ve come across my fair share of interesting couples and how they got together—and the unique ways they got engaged.

There are certainly tales of elaborate, romantic gestures—complete with a soundtrack and a gaggle of friends to witness the popping of the question—but I’ve been struck most by the sweet and intimate stories of low-key, high-impact engagements.

Take Kelley and Lisa. When it looked like marriage equality might make their legal union a possibility for only a brief window, Lisa says, “I told [Kelley] there was no way I wanted to miss the chance to marry the woman I loved,” and broached the subject over dinner at the Sterling Hotel.

Josh and Joelle had a similarly casual conversation (minus the weight of a legal debate). Josh says, “I never popped the question. Joelle could tell something was on my mind and drew it out of me. At which time I believe I said, ‘I want to get married,’ to which she responded, ‘Yeah’—as if it was to be expected.”

For Kelly and Ian, too, the question was hardly even a question. “We had talked about it so much that we knew it was coming,” Kelly reports.

So it seems that when you’re asking your best friend to spend the rest of his or her life by your side, the simple act of asking is the easy part—whether that entails singing, streamers, scenery or a quiet moment alone. After all, “Yes” is only the beginning—it’s the “I do” every day that makes a marriage.

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