Darcy and Jasper

Wedding Rings

The wedding rings for Darcy and Jasper

This couple married on the date they met, nine years later, so their anniversary has remained the same.

Photography by Darcy Padilla and Sasha Maslov

NOT GOING THROUGH THIS ALONE—Darcy had just agreed to tackle a big new job in New York when she found out her mother had a malignant brain tumor. Jasper, who’d been planning a romantic evening to celebrate, instead met Darcy for dinner, plopped a ring on a plate, and said there was no way Darcy was “going through this alone.”

ENGAGEMENT PARTY WITH MOM—Darcy’s mom didn’t live until the wedding, but she enjoyed the engagement party Darcy and Jasper threw a few months before she passed. “I’m so grateful she got to know the incredible person I married,” says Darcy.

BOURBON, BEER AND BRASS—Hot spiked drinks, a self-serve bourbon bar (complete with old glass decanters and pre-mixed Old Fashioneds) and cases of hand-crafted beer kept all the guests happy.

CAKE MADE OF CHEESE—This masterpiece included wheels of goat and sheep cheeses. “It was gorgeous and tasty!” says Darcy.

ENJOYING IT ALL—Darcy’s dress tore moments before her walk down the aisle. “My friend just sewed me back in and (later) we cut it off. It’s a disaster in my closet now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Darcy Totten and Jasper James Wedding
Darcy Totten and Jasper James

1.16.16 STUDIO 817

GOWN: La Soie Bridal
HAIR: Angel, Maverique Style House
MAKEUP: Danny, Spanish Fly Hair Garage
MENSWEAR: Men’s Wearhouse
CATERING: Jackson Catering
CAKE: The Rind
FLOWERS: Tanya Wischerath
INVITATIONS: Wedding Paper Divas

Jasper and Groomsmen


Wedding Cake Cheese
Their wedding cake made of cheese.

Darcy and Jasper's wedding cake was made of cheese!

Wedding Rings

The wedding rings for Darcy and Jasper

Wedding Party

The wedding party for Darcy and Jasper

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