Kaitlyn & Kyle

Wedding Party

Wedding party from the wedding of Kaitlyn & Kyle.

A chance meeting at the gym, a dreamy Facebook request, a happy shriek, and they were on their way.


MEET ME AT THE GYM—Kaitlyn and Kyle first met at Gold’s Gym, where they each had similar thoughts: “I want to marry someone like that.” They had some shy interactions, but it wasn’t until their workout schedules took them away from each other that sparks began to fly. “I received a dreamy Facebook request,” says Kaitlyn. She nervously accepted a date with Kyle, “with an excited shriek” in her room, she recalls.

NO JACKET FOR YOU—Kait-lyn might’ve known something was up when Kyle refused to let her wear his snow jacket on a cold walk in South Lake Tahoe. He eventually gave it up, reluctantly, and seemed too eager to take it back once her own jacket was located. Where was the chivalry? Kaitlyn found out later when Kyle dropped to one knee and pulled a ring out of the jacket pocket. It had been there all along. “I promise I never found it!” Kaitlyn says.

ADVICE FOR THE WEDDING DAY—A wedding planner is essential, Kaitlyn insists. “It will be one of the craziest days of your life, but being able to focus on your new partner [while someone else tends to details] will make it a whole lot more enjoyable.”

3.18.17 MULVANEY’S B&L

WEDDING COORDINATOR: Kristy Dwyer, Wing Woman

GOWN: La Soie Bridal

MAKEUP: Sherri Morris, Brushworx

MENSWEAR: U.S. Air Force dress blues

OFFICIANT: Roger Morgan, Starlen Weddings

WEDDING JEWELRY: Sharif Fine Jewelers


FLOWERS: Wing Woman

RENTALS: La Tavola Fine Linen

Kaitlyn & Kyle

Kaitlyn and Kyle at their wedding.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake for Kaitlyn and Kyle.


Kaitlyn and her flower girl at her wedding.


Fabric from Kaitlyn's wedding gown.

Wedding Favor

Wedding Favor.

Table Setting

Table setting at Kaitly and Kyle's wedding.

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