Niki & Bryce

Photography by Nikki Hancock Photography

From the time they met at Momo Lounge to their wedding day and beyond, their connection has been electric.

THE DOG APPROVES—Just before Niki met Bryce, she adopted Indiana, a shy and skittish schnauzer mix who spent most of the day under the bed, wouldn’t play and wouldn’t take a treat. Then Bryce arrived on the scene. Within a week, Indiana began to warm up. “After just a month with Bryce in the picture, he was a completely different pup,” says Niki.

DEEP WITHIN THE BOX—In front of Bryce’s family on Christmas Eve, Niki opened a large box that gave way to a smaller one, and another smaller one, until she reached a ring box. Her two dogs then trotted in with balloons attached to their collars and sashes reading “Marry” and “Me.” Bryce sank to one knee and the rest is history.

COLOR ME MUTED—Bryce and Niki chose desaturated hues for their wedding colors, despite the fall day. “There was a light layer of leaves on the ground and the wooded garden mixed with the light and ethereal colors of the dresses and flowers made for a truly magical scene,” says Niki.

WEDDING DAY ADVICE?—“For real, try and calm down and take each second in,” says Niki.


GOWN: Bride To Be Couture
HAIR: Melissa Vasquez
MAKEUP: Audrey Paige
MENSWEAR: Men’s Wearhouse
CATERING: Epicure Catering
DESSERT/CAKE: Freeport Bakery
FAVORS: Cookie Connection

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