surprise weddings.

On the evening of Aug. 5, 2015, Jennifer Aniston married longtime beau Justin Theroux in front of 70 surprised guests at what was supposed to be his birthday party. In their case, it was partly an attempt to avoid paparazzi and buzzing helicopters, but it’s an extremely fun idea. Here are three surprise weddings we like:

COL. MUSTARD IN THE LIBRARY WITH THE REVOLVER—Invite people for an elaborate murder mystery dinner party, complete with costumes and an acting coach. At the end of the clue-gathering, the most likely suspect turns out to be the officiant to— voila!—wed the hosts.

DON’T TELL THE BRIDE—Tell your elopement-fixated fiancee you are just having engagement photos shot outside this rustic little chapel with a few members of her immediate family. At the end of the photo session, have her brother say he wants one of just the two of them, while you slip inside, where a small gathering of friends and family, as well as a hundred glowing candles, are waiting. Watch her eyes well up as he walks her in.

MAKE IT A MOVIE—Have a film shot of your private destination wedding—on the islands, in Vegas, in Paris. Then show the film to a flabbergasted group of friends—over cocktails and canapes—on your return.—THEA MARIE ROOD

Photo by Ryan Greenleaf

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