Tammy & Derrick

Photography by Peppermint Tea Photography
Tammy and Derrick

Even after 25 years, you can still surprise each other once in awhile.

25 YEARS PLUS—Derrick and Tammy started out together 25 years ago, when they would run into each other at house parties and dance. Their relationship progressed to include late-night phone conversations and eventually a whole life together, including a son, Danté. “We never thought marriage was that important as long as we were together and happy,” says Derrick.

SURPRISE!—Derrick hid the ring in Danté’s closet, and brought it out when they had guests over. He had his brother start a special song—“Get On Up” by Jodeci—and interrupted Tammy while she was talking with some friends. “What do we always say about this song?” he asked her, and she replied, “We’ll play it at our wedding,” then said to her friends, “See? He’s always messing with me.” Derrick said, “Well, let’s play it then. Will you marry me?” and held up the ring. Happy tears!

IN KEEPING WITH TRADITION—At their wedding, Derrick and Tammy jumped the broom.

HONORING FAMILY—They wore lavender to honor Tammy’s grandmother, and walked down the aisle to “That’s the Way of the World” by Earth Wind & Fire in honor of Derrick’s dad.


GOWN: Sparkle Bridal Couture
HAIR: Kristy Fontes, Artisan Salon
MAKEUP: Lakayla Seno
MENSWEAR: Macy’s and Men’s Wearhouse
CATERING: Lamar Rushton
DESSERT/CAKE: Divine Desserts by Aguirre
FLOWERS: The Purple Store

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