Tickle Pink Inn

Life’s A Beach By Jessica Laskey

If you’ve grown up watching movies, you’ve probably seen your fair share of stunning destination weddings portrayed in all their sunny, breezy glory. The bride walks down the aisle in her flowing white gown—perfectly wind-blown, not a single hair stuck to her lip gloss—to meet her glowing groom, whose feet are plunged into soft, white sand. The minister intones against the gentle roar of the waves beneath a graceful archway that frames the breathtaking view—a stunning setting for a special day. If you think a wedding like that is just an unattainable fantasy dreamt up by Hollywood and its unlimited budgets, think again. If you’re a Sacramento resident, your picture-perfect destination is reachable by car in just two to four hours driving east or west—to Lake Tahoe, Kirkwood, Fort Bragg or Carmel, for example. Read on for profiles of five cinematic wedding destinations that will have you saying “I do” in a biopic starring you. Tickle Pink Inn Still hoping for sand between your toes beneath your bridal gown? Tickle Pink Inn at Carmel Highlands delivers—and then some. This oceanfront hotel offers panoramic views of the iconic rocky coastline that make even movie makers swoon. The unique name is a vestige of the site’s former residents, State Sen. Edward and Mrs. Bess Tickle, who lived in a stone cottage on the property in the early 1940s. Bess named the cottage Tickle Pink—after her affinity for pink flowers—and the name has remained, even though the cottage does not. The hotel has been owned and operated by the Gurries family since 1956 and still bears that classic luxurious Carmel cool, complete with climbing vines, fanciful flowers and poshly appointed rooms. Wedding reservations for the outdoor deck and intimate lounge—with views that will tickle you pink—are available between 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. for up to 20 people. After the ceremony, you can run down to the beach, stick your feet in the sand and re-create all those wind-whipped movie scenes you’ve dreamt about. Just try to keep your hair out of your lip gloss. Tickle Pink Inn can be reached at (831) 624-1244 or ticklepinkinn.com.